Why Strategy Can’t Be Automated


The crew at Bright Carbon recently dissected the whys of their lackluster marketing automation results. This case study shows the importance of not simply having the right tools, but in properly fueling them with a cohesive strategy and a relationship building, lead-driven focus.

Here are a few places they admitted they went wrong:

1. No Demand Generation Content
“…we had a huge amount of content, but it was in the form of web pages, not packaged up into e-Books and whitepapers and other things that people would swap their contact details for. So, we had a lot of web traffic, but we didn’t really have any way of getting people to give up their anonymity…”

2. Sales & Marketing at War
“We didn’t really agree on what could be communicated by marketing, and what should be communicated by sales. Sales people didn’t want their punchlines to have been revealed by a marketing campaign. So feeding the marketing automation beast with content became even harder – sales were trying to stop us telling prospects certain things.”

3. Current Customers Left Behind
“We never really thought about harnessing the tool to communicate with existing customers, to identify and create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, or for project follow-up. Given that we didn’t get enough use of Marketo in managing our prospects, we might have been able to get more value by also using it with customers. That wasn’t something sales people wanted.”

The #1 Lesson here? Just because it has “automation” in the title doesn’t mean you should dive in with nothing but ambition and a desire to see ROI. Methodically plan out a process that will allow your MA tool of choice to feed you the information you need to continue growing & building relationships with current customers and prospects alike.

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