Why Direct Marketing Works


There is no ‘silver bullet’ in marketing. If a company is struggling to increase brand awareness, outsell their competitors or flat out make more money, they’re going to have to do a lot more than send a tweet to get results.

Here at Intelechy Group we take the multi-channel marketing approach, using a combination of search engine optimization, direct mail, email marketing, data analysis and marketing automation to produce extremely positive results. Some would argue one of these channels is not like the others: direct mail. Nonbelievers may say,“It’s 2012. How could sending snail mail possibly be effective?” This is a common misconception from many marketers, old and new. Direct mail is an enduring marketing staple for a reason; it works and has worked for a long time. In fact, 28.6% of small business owners plan to increase their direct mail budgets in 2012, reports Ad-ology Research.

Like every marketing method, direct mail has its pluses and minuses, with cost and being considered junk mail as the main deterrents. But as with every investment, if you use your money wisely you can see great ROI and wisdom from the experience.

Since we like you, we’ll give you three tips to make the most from your direct mail investment:

1. Customize the Content

Just because you have 15,000 addresses doesn’t mean everyone should be sent the same piece of mail. Select the segment of past, current and potential customers whose interactions make them most likely to be interested in your campaign and make the piece speak to them. Along with their name, you’re lucky enough to have insight regarding past purchases and therefore have the ability to help drive future purchases by focusing on what they have shown to already like. If they see themselves or something they want in the message, their chance of buying increases significantly. Last, but very far from least, it won’t matter how perfectly customized your content is without a call to action: make sure they know where to go.

2. Measure the Campaign

This is so important to be sure you truly learn the ROI of your direct mail campaign. This means taking the time to ensure your direct mail campaign’s landing page is tracked differently than social media or email leads. For example, many companies use personalized QR codes that once scanned, takes the customer to the target landing page. Now the company not only has the visit tracked, but knows exactly who visited the site and what they did when they got there. PURLS, or personalized urls, are another great way to deliver memorable, trackable information. They can be specific to a person or campaign and continue to tailor the user experience once the customer visits your site. When executed correctly, both QR codes and PURLS can be effective ways to track your campaigns without detracting from the creative design, which brings us to the last point…

3. Make it Pretty

Might sound like a no-brainer, but the quality of your campaign design and aesthetic is crucial to whether or not people will read or recycle your hard work. Too much information/graphics/exclamation points will overload the customer and most likely look like junk mail. If you don’t have the in-house capabilities to craft a high-quality design or layout, consider reaching out to a contractor or firm who does this kind of work for a living. They’ll ensure your work is top-notch and will most certainly have plenty of best practices to apply to your campaign.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, we invite you to go forth and send expertly crafted direct marketing pieces. You’ll see a huge ROI when done correctly and be able to add another tool to your marketing expertise kit.

Do you use direct mail in your marketing campaigns? Tell us about it! @intelechygroup on Twitter