Webinars: The Content Conundrum

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blog_webinarSo you’ve decided to host a webinar to increase your sales leads. Now the hard part…actually making the webinar. If your company is regularly churning out useful content, this task won’t be quite as difficult as it seems, but if you’re an organization that historically just creates and sells products, you might have some more work to do. Fret not! There are some simple solutions to creating an engaging webinar that will help the leads come in.

One of the the easiest solutions to your content conundrum would be a simple product demo. No matter if you sell a physical product or a software solution, have one of your product masters show how to utilize said product(s) to their full potential. “But Mr. Blog Writer,” you might say, “my company is just a consulting services firm, and we don’t have tangible products.” True, a product demo does you no good when the product you are selling is expertise, but you can still put on a great webinar. Invite some of your past and current clients to be a part of the webinar. You can have them give spoken testimonials on how your company helped them, almost like a spoken-word white paper! Not only does this lend you some credibility to your sales pitch, but it invites multiple avenues of promotion for the webinar. You’ll be able to advertise the webinar along with the companies that will be appearing in it, thus potentially multiplying your lead opportunities.

A third option would be to create some context for your company. Educate your viewership on current facts that create the need for your products and/or services. The last company I worked for employed this strategy pretty well. In order to sell seats at real estate education classes, the company shared news and current trends on the real estate market. This showed a need for realtors with the expertise that was being taught in the upcoming classes, and drove them to sign up.

Some new age marketing folks will say to skip the pushy sales pitch. Don’t do that. Instead, find a happy medium. YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD TRY TO SELL THROUGH YOUR WEBINAR. Just don’t harp on it. Get through your educational content, then tie it all back to what your company can do for them, and give them multiple ways to contact you if they’re interested. And if you captured the viewers’ contact information when they registered—and you should’ve—follow up with them through an email campaign, or some sales calls. It would even be a good opportunity to gain some feedback from your viewers so you can refine your webinar strategy for future broadcasts.

There you have it! Three jump-start ways to create engaging webinar content that will educate your potential customers. These aren’t the only ways to create a great webinar, not by far. What other strategies have you heard about? Tell us about them on our Facebook page, or tweet them at us at @IntelechyGroup.