The Search Market: Where Content is King

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keyword stuffing, paying off Google, whatever you’d like to call it, everyone’s looking to get in on the search action. Our bosses, clients, competitors all want to know what our traffic looks like. And we want to know how to achieve the best rank possible. Could we do more to be “found”? Are we beating the competition, and by how much?

There are dozens of articles that will offer a quick fix or an instant boost to your page rank. And many of their suggestions are helpful and SHOULD be implemented on your site (like sitemaps, easy navigation, quick page loads, etc.). However, we think it’s about time companies took ownership of arguably THE most overlooked part of SEO: content.

In fact, search rank has more to do with content than anything else. Why? Because no matter what tricks you’ve used to climb the ranks, if your content is terrible, no one’s coming back. And soon, you’ll be back at the bottom.

How do you know if you have good content? Here’s a quick test:

  1. Is it share worthy (read: interesting)? If you were looking for information on this topic, would
    YOU want to read it? Be brutally honest here.
  2. Does anyone care? Is this a topic that needs addressing? Are you offering a new, distinct opinion on the matter?
  3. Do readers gain anything? When they finish reading, will they better understand something, gain practical insight or leave with useful tips?

Spend some time evaluating your current content based on the above criteria. And if you find that it sucks, find someone to help you. Remember, a search engine’s main job is to serve up the most relevant, interesting, recent content to the user. And if your content doesn’t meet those standards, you’re in for a tough road to the top.

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