Staff Picks for SXSW Innovation Awards

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This year marked the 18th Annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards show which recognizes the best and brightest digital platforms, software, apps, devices and the brains behind the scenes. This year, the Awards team re-imagined the categories to reflect the diverse scope of the technological industry. Some of the categories include; sustainable tech, internet of things, innovation in connecting people, responsive design, and more.

We took a look at all the categories and finalists and choose our favorite picks for a few of the categories:

Internet of Things

Awarded for the best smart product that most seamlessly integrates into our lives to improve convenience and efficiency through its intelligence and interconnectedness.

SXSW Winner: Celver Buoy

Our Pick: Hammerhead

Hammerhead was created by bikers who wanted to go off the beaten path and explore new routes during their bike rides, safely. They developed a device and app that helped cyclists discover new routes and always find their way back onto the trail. Hammerhead uses a simple, intuitive light display that keeps you focused while adventuring the great outdoors. The display is effortlessly visible in all weather conditions and while being rugged enough to handle the trail, it harnesses a beautifully simple design.

New Economy

Awarded to those redefining the exchange of goods and services, from the sharing economy, to virtual currency, to micro finance, to mobile-device-payment systems and beyond.

SXSW Winner: Acorns

Our Pick: Strati

Strati is the world’s first, fully functi oning, 3D printed car. In just around 44 hours, the frame, exterior body and interior features of the car are integrated into a single material piece and printed. The mechanical components of the car are sourced from an electric powered city car. This makes the car 100% electric and it charges in just around 3.5 hours. However, it only has a 62 mile range and clocks out at 50 MPH so if you’re planning on making a road trip, you may want to plan plenty of pit stops along the way! Although, it could be of use in Austin traffic.

Privacy & Security

Awarded for 2014’s most progressive accomplishment in the way we go about securing our data and ensuring our privacy.

SXSW Winner: Disconnect

Our Pick: Virtru

Virtru is an email add-on that regulates email privacy by encrypting emails and attachments. When sending a message, Virtru locks and encrypts emails and it can only be opened by the intended recipient. It works on all email clients and the recipient does not need to install any additional programs on their end to view the emails.


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