Launching a Brand? Try WAP Ads


Seriously! According to a September 2011 Nielsen Survey, only 40% of mobile users are smartphone users. That leaves the other 60%, (see: the majority), as feature phone users. Judiciously, we launched a series of WAP mobile ads and have gotten some surprising results. The word WAP reminds us of “rap,” so allow us to indulge in some nostalgia as we present our mini WAP case study. Please enjoy.

It’s All About Impressions, Baby
The day before our ads went live over  our campaign saw a little over 56,000 impressions. Not too shabby. However, the day of we launched our WAP ads we saw over 750,000 impressions. You read that right, over 750,000. That works out to an increase of 1,200%, roughly. While we can’t vouch for conversions quite yet, we can certainly attest to an exponential amount of eyes looking at our ads less than 24 hours after launch.

Cash Money Go
Everything about these ads is dirt cheap, in a great way. The time it took to get them set up was negligible. No extra funds need to be allocated as they are integrated with our AdWord campaign. (Unlike AdMob, which requested a $50 deposit to launch and was poorly integrated into AdWords.) The cheapest part of it all? Our CPM averaged under a dollar.

Designing Ain’t Easy
No, they aren’t as slick as an expertly crafted Illustrator file or glossy logo, but less can be more in our often over stimulating world. And yes, there is a 36 character limit to the text ad, but that’s where optimization and testing play their part. Well, no, you cannot add text if you use an image, so make it count and use a killer image. Limited design shouldn’t keep you from capitalizing on this market.

The Notorious ROI
With mobile ad spend projected to reach $1.8 billion dollars next year, there’s no time like the present to invest in mobile marketing. There’s so much opportunity to be found and unlike many business forecasts, is only expected to keep growing. Take the time now and reap the rewards later.

Bottom line: if you are simply looking to get your brand in front of a whole lot of eyes, WAP ads can make it happen.

Do any of you currently use WAP ads, or discontinued them from your marketing plan? Tell us about it @IntelechyGroup on Twitter