The WWWH of Outsourcing


Outsourcing can be beneficial. When rapid growth occurs, a company often will need some extra hands to assist with time intensive tasks like database management, web design or SEO. And unless you’re running a one-man show, handling everything from outside sales to writing HTML, it’s likely that someone somewhere has a hand in your business.

But how available is this data to YOU? What happens when preparing a client presentation, when major decisions about business operations need to be made or you’re in a time crunch? When you decide it’s time to look outside your company, carefully select outsourcing partners. Be sure that they have the same client focus and business ideals.

How do you accomplish this? What should your company be looking for? Here’s a starter list to boost your search.

Who: Research the company. Check out their online presence. Reach out to their clients. Put extra effort into this phase, this will prevent unforeseen issues down the road.

What: Know exactly what you need from your partnership and what you can spend. Can they do what you need? Are there other companies that are more affordable? Should you split the work between two businesses?

Where: Outsourcing is done all over the world, so consider what kind of time response you need. If you want an immediate turnaround, global outsourcing could be rather frustrating (unless the company agrees to work overlapping hours).

How: How will the partnership work? Be sure to define the parameters and your expectations before any work begins. You need to make sure you can get what you need, when you need it.

Whatever you decide, we’ll leave you with a bit of advice—don’t give all of your data to one company (didn’t someone once say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” We bet they weren’t really talking about eggs…). Diversify your outsourcing needs, increase your productivity and retain your decision-making capabilities.

What have you learned from outsourcing? What advice would you give those considering outsourcing company work? Tell us @IntelechyGroup