Intelechy and MOD: A New Agency Ecosystem


Full Service Marketing Agency Partnership

We at the Intelechy Group are pleased to announce that we are expanding our current partnership with the creative marketing agency, The MOD Studio, to expand our services as a fully integrated digital marketing agency. Our companies have already been collaborating on joint clients for more than seven years, and it has been a seamless working relationship, as our clients can attest.

We are strong believers that clients want both breadth and depth of services and that the old agency holding model will become less and less relevant over time as we begin to see more and more tightly coupled ecosystems of agencies working closely together under one umbrella.

The reality is, most agency holding companies are not integrated beyond their financial systems, so clients often see less benefit from the agency holding model than when the separate agencies were not conjoined.

Enter the Agency Ecosystem: With the pace of business and marketing accelerating, closely knit groups of agencies and technology partners are often more nimble than the monolithic umbrella agencies. The Intelechy Group and The MOD Studio’s partnership is the first step in our evolution of building a strong agency ecosystem based out of Austin, Texas.

Intelechy and MOD will also be announcing other agency and technology partnerships in the coming months to complement our current relationships with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Bizible, Hive9, Hubspot, ReachForce and Revenue2.

This unique blend of creative and marketing expertise is uncommon, and we are thrilled to be able to offer such a complete range of services to not only our own clients but also MOD’s clients.

Want to be among this list of companies who rely on our innovative and creative problem solving? Contact us today!