Intelechy Group Predicts 2014

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With the year just beginning, we thought we would take the time to write down some thoughts on what we all think will be trending in the world of marketing through the year. Which predictions to you agree/disagree with? Do you have any marketing predictions for 2014? Share them with us in the comment section below.

Scott Thomas, President
For the upcoming year, I feel we may be seeing the beginnings of “Moneyball” management and marketing in corporate America. Companies will no longer be relying on their gut instincts to make management and marketing decisions. Instead, they will use extremely granular data to make the most informed decision possible. It will be the end of the pure “Mad Men” style of marketing & advertising. This will be “math marketing.”

Mike Nink, Account Director
In 2014, I can see the continuation and integration of “big data” into the traditional marketing stream to create more one-to-one communications. I think this trend will continue to evolve over time and get more refined as businesses realize what data they have and educate themselves on how they can use it. I also think mobile marketing—not just mobile phones—will start to play a bigger role as we see more connected devices hitting the market. Everything from cars to phones to watches will start to serve as a vehicle for advertisers to push messages based on geo-location and previous purchase behavior.

Pam Perez, Senior SQL Developer
I think 2014 will bring a more interconnected approach. Marketing will not only measure customer interest trends, but technology usage. For example, customers will start to receive campaigns upon opening commonly used computers, mobile devices or smart TV applications.

Brandon Burkman, Marketing Coordinator
I think 2014 is going to be a dress rehearsal type year for future marketing technology trends, especially on two major fronts. First, wearable technology will continue to grow as more companies start to compete in an extremely fast growing market. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an actual item of clothing that measures fitness activity by the end of the year. And second, I think the mid-term elections in November will be a dress rehearsal of sorts in the advancement of marketing automation. The last two Presidential elections have shown how campaigns can harness the internet, and 2014 will be the prelude to what I think will be a huge jump in the 2016 elections. I’m thinking geo-targeted notifications of polling locations and extreme niche targeted marketing messages based on data gathered.

Isha Singh, Marketing Coordinator
I think that in 2014 there will be a lot of focus on customization in software and creating programs and devices that can “read” their user and only provide “help” that is applicable to their lifestyle. For example, when I go to the grocery store and buy item X, I will receive coupons at the checkout for item Y, even if item Y is something I would never buy.


Maria Orozova, President & Creative Director of The MOD Studio
In 2014, I think we’ll see more dynamic/responsive websites that adapt for mobile phones and tablets. We will also see more storytelling as a tool for marketing, both in print and web. Telling a personal and relatable story about the business, product, etc. modernizes and puts a younger face on your company.