Intelechy Group Celebrates the Launch of Two Projects in Q1

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Q1 of 2015 marked a big quarter for Intelechy Group with the launch of not one, but two major projects. Both projects have been in the works for two years and with the help of our dedicated management, marketing, design and software team, we were able to celebrate the success of both in February (with have hidden the names to protect the innocent- but, in all seriousness, due to the strategic nature of the projects we will are not mentioning the clients by name).

Warranty Expiration Notification Program

In 2012, Intelechy Group partnered with one of the biggest tech companies in the world to create an APOS (After Point of Sale) Service warranty renewal demand generation program. The program included a coordinated omni-channel contact strategy that spanned email, direct mail and online and is being expanded across the globe to reach customers in the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia. All told, the program ran in over 50+ countries and was translated into 30+ languages.

In 2015, the program consolidated and upgraded previous marketing capability releases in to a marketing/data platform that is a centrally managed, scalable and automated Global program that sends highly customized email and direct mail communications to customers regarding their expiring warranties and service contracts. All told, each email and direct mail was customized to each individual and company and included thousands of email/direct mail content and program logic variations.

The latest platform enables customization that can be quickly modified, using fewer resources to manage while automating and consolidating all global regions into a single platform. Overall, these updates resulted in faster deployment and quicker response to changing market and customer dynamics. Some other features of program include:

  • Upgraded, easy-to-read e-mails in responsive design (mobile friendly)
  • Customers can update their communication preferences for future notifications
  • Mix of e-mail and direct mail based on customer’s behavior, past purchase patterns, and overall firm demographics
  • Warranty customer database built on scalable Big Data platform
  • Sales Reps receive summary emails each week which features individual customer information
  • Global reporting infrastructure and analytics visualization utilizing Tableau

The program contributes to millions in high-margin revenue and sends over 12+ million completely customized emails and direct mails to customers every year.

Start Up Client

Our project began in 2013 with a big idea, giving people the power to make their voices heard and share it with the world. The Client is a 100% crowd funded site that allows people to donate money to stories that they want to be publicized- it’s that simple. Not only can a member fund a story, they can pitch one as well. By donating $1 at a time, members can change the course of media.

Intelechy Group worked with our client to help pivot the business from the original business concept, created the initial and subsequent versions of the business requirements document and provided end-to-end project management from conception to eventual technical launch of the web business. We had a dedicated team of graphic designers whose artistic vision crafted the Client website, a team of developers who worked endlessly to ensure all the moving pieces were functioning along with our testers, and a project management team that made the February launch happen.

A week since its launch, the client is already gaining traction and has been receiving funding on numerous stories. Our second phase involves creating the mobile app version, which will put the client’s app at the fingertips of more customers.

With the help and dedication of the entire Intelechy Group team working relentlessly on two projects simultaneously, we were able to launch both projects this quarter, one for a member of the Fortune 50 and the other, an innovative web startup that is looking to change the face of media.