Digital and Traditional Marketing Come Together For a Mother’s Day Success

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Intelechy Digital Marketing Campaign

Get in Touch with Your Feminine Side

When tasked by a high-end spa to create and execute a Mother’s Day marketing campaign with measurable results, the first thing we did was get in touch with our feminine side. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and even called in a few of our own office moms to develop messaging that hit home with our target demographic. But this wasn’t a lucky guess, we used data analytics from Buxton to nail down precise demographics and socio-graphics of our client’s customer…down to the kind of car they drove! This resulted in a campaign headline that spoke not only about the spa, but also reflected the feelings we have towards moms everywhere. Whether you’re buying for the Wife Mom, the Sister Mom, the Daughter Mom or Your Own Mom, we put together messaging that resonated with all generations and left you in a gift giving mood.

Beyond Batch & Blast

In order to expand our reach and implement a successful campaign, we looked beyond batch and blast. While email marketing is still an effective means to reach your customers, we knew we had to reach NEW customers. By combining digital marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, radio and print advertising in addition to email marketing, we could reach new audiences as well as repeat customers. Messaging alignment was key in bringing all the disparate marketing channels together to create a well-rounded campaign. We also knew that we needed to advertise to the males who would be buying for their moms or their wives and might not otherwise be on our mailing lists or social media feeds, so we used radio advertising to place ads on sports talk stations where the listenership was predominately male.

Timing is everything

With so many marketing materials and channels to use, how do you know when and which to do? We built an easy to follow marketing planner for the franchises that laid out all the campaign materials and when and how to use them. Let’s be honest, we all procrastinate when it comes to holidays. So, to help with last minute gift buying, we ran specific ads the week leading up to Mother’s Day that had a slightly different message than the rest of the marketing materials. As expected, the biggest sales day of the campaign was the day before Mother’s Day!

Intelechy Group’s marketing efforts yielded an increased ROI from the previous year’s Mother’s Day campaign and one happy client!