How to: Turn One Piece of Content into Five

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Ellie Mirman discusses 5 ways to re-purpose a single presentation for other content creation.

Content Piece #1: Presentation

Start with the presentation. Deliver that content and, oh, also post it to SlideShare where folks from the event – or not at the event – can check it out.

Content Piece #2: Blog Article

Create a blog article from the presentation. Well, chances are if you turned a presentation into a blog article, it would be a novel of an article. So, take a piece of your presentation and turn that into an article. I did that with the first section of my presentation: 9 Benefits of Lead Nurturing.

Content Piece #3: Blog Article

Yup, another one. While waiting at the airport for my flight from the AMA event where I spoke, I wrote another article based on one small section of the presentation: 5 Tips to Set Yourself Up for Smarketing Success.

Content Piece #4: Blog Article

Yes! Another one! Again, at the airport, I cranked out another article based on another section of the presentation. It even linked to the previous two articles: 5 Steps to a Successful Email Lead Nurturing Campaign.

Content Piece #5: Webinar Download

I could easily re-present this presentation as a live webinar, or take the recording of the presentation (yup, I recorded it using the Voice Memo Recorder feature on my iPhone) and turn this into a webinar download offer.

More than anything, I was excited to geek out about lead nurturing with a room full of marketers. The gravy is that I got 4 more pieces of content to use as part of my marketing programs.

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