Growing Revenue in a Crowded Market

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In today’s extremely crowded smartphone market, it’s getting increasingly difficult for phone makers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, technologically. When revenue growth is the name of the game, what’s a multi-billion-dollar corporation to do? If you’re Apple, you create a program that gives your iPhone customers an incentive to continue to be iPhone customers.Revenue chart

Last week, rumors of an iPhone trade-in program were confirmed by Apple. As of right now, current iPhone owners who wish to upgrade their phone can go into an Apple store and get a trade-in quote. The model of iPhone you have does not matter, but the model and the wear and tear visible on the phone will dictate how much you are offered for it.

One caveat of the program is that in order to receive the funds for your old iPhone, you must leave the store with a new iPhone, and a new wireless contract. This clause ensures Apple receives their subsidy payment from which ever network you choose, since selling iPhones are their current prices without a wireless contract would equal a loss for Apple.

On the surface, this program looks like a win-win for both Apple and their customers; iPhone customers can get a credit towards new iPhones—which are set to be updated on September 10th—and Apple retains their customers and increases revenue by increasing repeat buyers.

If you currently own an iPhone and are looking to upgrade to a new one, check out your options. Additional online sites, such as Gazelle and Best Buy, plus your networks like AT&T and Verizon also offer trade-in programs that will give you a quote for your old phone. Compare those quotes to what Apple gives you and see if it’s worth it. After all, when corporations are competing for your business, prices drop, and customers win.