Expanded Ads: What You Need to Know NOW

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As our digital marketing specialist, I often work in AdWords placing PPC (pay per click) ads on Google. PPC ads are seen at the top of a Google search and work by driving potential customers to your website. Typically, PPC ad text is limited to one headline (capped at 25 characters), two description lines (capped at 35 characters each), and a display url (capped at 35 characters); however, this year everything is becoming standardized. This past summer, Google launched a new style of PPC ad: the expanded text ad.

What Are Expanded Text Ads?

Comprised of two headlines (capped at 30 characters), two path fields (capped at 15 characters), and one description field (capped at 80 characters), expanded text ads are an exciting update to the standard text ads with 50% more available text space. An incredible innovation for marketing experts and for generating leads! When expanded text ads first launched they acted as essentially another style of ad; however, you could still create new standard text ads and edit existing ones…but not for much longer.

What’s Happening to Existing Ads?

Google is officially making expanded text ads the new standard starting January 31st, 2017. Any new ads created after that day will default to the expanded ad format. So what does that mean for your existing standard ads? According to Google, existing standard text ads will continue to run after the 31st; however, they will no longer be editable. If there are any quick changes you need to make on your current standard text ads, act now. That being said, it would still be beneficial to update your current ads in order to take advantage of the increased ad text and stay competitive on Google search.

How should you update your existing ads?

The thought of updating all of your current ads can seem daunting, especially if you or your client have a lot of standard text ads already running; however, Google has some solutions for an easy transition.

One option Google has rolled out is what they call their “ETA Transition Helper.” This is a script created by Google that you place into your AdWords account. The script will copy your existing standard texts ads to a Google Sheet and assist you by creating expanded text ads based on your existing ads. Once you approve or edit the ads that Google populated, you can run the script again and the ads will update.

Another option is to use the Google AdWords Editor. If this is a tool you are comfortable using, Google makes it very simple to update your ads.

Why is PPC Important for Your Marketing Efforts?

PPC ads are the first thing that pop up whenever you google something.

This is why our agency believes that having a high-ranked ad is critical for grabbing your target audience’s attention and gaining new customers.