Data, Data, Data…

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Kristen Hambilton of Neolane Inc recently discussed why data is SO important in Marketing Automation and Online Marketing:

In a world inundated with communication, information is power. Marketers use information to try to target buyers with the right products and services; sales uses information to address buyers’ needs and desires in an effort to win deals; and customer service uses information to meet and exceed customer expectations. But, the reality is your company probably doesn’t use information as effectively as it could.

Managing customers should address more than simply one area of expertise, it’s a team effort:

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) should consist of sales, marketing and service, customer interactions that are managed by tracking, storing and retrieving information across different customer experiences.

But how is this information managed and used effectively to make a positive impact on your bottom line?

An emerging class of marketing technology has been developed to fill this critical void in CRM datamarts: marketing automation. Marketing automation technologies typically include email marketing, campaign workflow, web analytics, content management, a marketing datamart and robust integration with SFA tools.

This kind of information leads to a more efficient sales team:

By increasing efficiencies through better qualifying leads and increasing effectiveness by ensuring sales efforts are more personalized and relevant, marketing automation enables sales teams to do what they do best – SELL.

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