Sybase PowerBuilder

An enterprise software leader needed to meet their quarterly sales goal with only one month left in the quarter.

To quickly deliver actionable leads to the sales team, we developed, designed and executed on a Sybase PowerBuilder microsite that captured prospect information by providing a complimentary IDC white paper in exchange for a prospect’s contact information. To drive prospects to the micro site, we developed a comprehensive Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, that included Google Adwords and Content-Targeted AdWords. In addition, to nurture leads and properly prioritize the new flood of leads, we implemented Marketo marketing automation software. With Marketo, we implemented activity-based scoring to prioritize the leads and route to the sales team only when they were ready.

Sybase PowerBuilder went from 90% of their quarterly sales target to 111% in one month’s time. New Software License sales went from 10% to 40% of total sales.

We worked closely with the client to create and execute integrated marketing programs in additional quarters that delivered 1.5X the revenue of the previous quarter and 3.5X the revenue of the same year ago quarter. More remarkably, new license sales went from 10% of total revenue in Q1 2009 to 21% in Q1 2010. Per lead costs were less than $15/lead for a $3000+ product.

Due to the success of the campaigns and programs, the product owner for another Sybase product, Sybase PowerDesigner, signed on for a multi-channel lead generation campaign that includes Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, email campaigns, marketing automation implementation and micro site development.