Beyond Batch and Blast: Launching Your First Lead Nurturing Program

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In conjunction with his LIVE Webcast, “Getting Started with Lead Nurturing,” Intelechy President, Scott Thomas, was featured as a guest blogger for Act-On Software. The following is an excerpt from Scott’s piece, “Beyond Batch and Blast: Launching Your First Lead Nurturing Program.”


It’s long been said that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is no truer than in the marketing space, where every lead wooed and converted translates into increased revenue. However, there’s a commonly used method that exists which proves as the exception to this rule, which we not-so-affectionately refer to as “batch and blast.” This is the practice of sending everyone on your list the very same one-off email at the same time. Essentially, batch and blast is a numbers game, operating with little strategic rhyme or reason and handling leads with a one-size-fits-all approach. But, because no two leads are the same, organizations need to have a program in place that caters to the needs of individual prospects. The solution? Lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is growing increasingly imperative as the landscape of what we consider “traditional marketing” continues to change. Today’s consumers don’t respond to conventional “Mad Men”-style marketing and advertising tactics; instead, they respond to engaging, informative content that speaks to them and not at them. Gone are the days of one-and-done campaigns. Instead, organizations need to have programs in place to satiate consumers’ appetite for information. Yet, herein lies the problem.


Many organizations don’t seem to fully grasp the concept of marketing automation, particularly the many moving parts that a successful program requires. Simply put, in order to automate something you need to have something to automate. What processes are currently in place that could be used as part of your lead nurturing program? Lead nurturing is dependent upon the foundation on which it’s built. Without the building blocks, there is no building.

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