2014 Super Bowl Ads: The Good, The Bad, & The Funny

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Let’s face it. If you were watching last night’s Super Bowl after the halftime show, you were probably a Seattle Seahawks fan, or just wanting to see the ads. This year, the Fox Network was charging advertisers $4 million for every 30 seconds of ad time. Some brands got their monies worth, others wasted it—we’re looking at YOU, Ford.

Here at Intelechy, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite ads from last night. We’ve also gathered some spots that were just plain horrible, and others that may or may not have been good advertising, but made us laugh.

The Good


Some people are not too fond of this ad because they feel it is in too much of the same vein as the “Imported from Detroit” ad with Eminem from a few years ago. We still love this though, and the legendary Bob Dylan lends some American swagger to it.


If you are a softie, this ad probably made you tear up a little. Never once does this ad even mention Budweiser’s beer, but it doesn’t need to. The Budweiser Clydesdale is almost as synonymous as Mickey Mouse to Disney. And we feel this ad was a good extension of Budweiser’s more recent “Grab Some Buds” advertising.


If you watch too much TV like us, you probably recognized this family from a previous Cheerios spot. This time, the family is growing, and by more than they expect! We’re especially fans of the look the little girl gives her father after she presents her “terms.”


The ad was probably the best way a brand could have represented themselves as a global brand, while at the same time, show America just how diverse it really is. This ad was thought provoking, and to some people, we hope it was enlightening. We absolutely loved it!


The Bad


We think the Ford Motor Company wasted a good $12 million on this. This “double” ad had what was an okay set-up, but the payoff in the end was none other than James Franco. When Franco is your payoff, you know something has gone wrong.

Bud Light

There was much discussion of this ad in the Intelechy office this morning. We feel the concept of this ad was phenomenal, but the execution was bad. We DID notice that if we watched the FULL ad (above), it did seem a bit better. However, it’s still mediocre at best, in our opinion.


This was one of the weirder ones for us. You start with breathtaking cinematography, and an Academy Award nominated child narrating a haunting tale of biding one’s time in order to strike. Then we find out the ad wants us to by a car that costs more than most of our educations…FAIL.


This ad was a wasted attempt at unveiling a new product. Nestle had the world’s stage to go after its rivals, and instead we get something that just looks uncomfortable.


The Funny


At first we thought this was going to be one of Chey’s working class truck kind of ads, but it turned out to be something way better. You can even catch glimpses of our home, Austin, Texas in the landscape shots.


We love nostalgia, and this ad brought it, and then some. Not only was RadioShack able to earn some credit by being self-deprecating, but it had Alf, Chuckie, Hulk Hogan, AND a DeLorean!


This was probably the funniest ad of the entire night. Seeing the chaos caused by breeding two incredibly different dogs, and making fun of those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads made for a great viewing.

Dannon Oikos

You knew sooner or later the guys from “Full House” were going to get back together. Well, turns out they never left each other, or at least that’s what Dannon Oikos would have you think.

What were YOU’RE favorite Super Bowl ads from this year? Tell us in the comments section below, or on our Facebook page. You can even tweet at us at @IntelechyGroup.